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Pink Sea


Our belief, values, respect for life, care for the social and environmental standards are the reason why we design our garments from minimalism, for the fathers of today, with relaxed cuts to soften the austerity, luxe finishes, and high-end sustainable wool that need and appeal our discerning father community.



A future where natural fibers contribute to clothing the world making communities and planet circular thrive.



To revolutionize the way we outfit the world using high natural quality wool from Uruguay by inspiring an industry and people to think in infinite by altogether embracing circularity.

Image by rocknwool
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Why we are here?

We are here to protect their dreams by preserving our owns. Look in the mirror when you wake up tell yourself that you are valid, your are possible, self affirmation, are critical, because as you reflect and exude this attitude of positivity, you extend that to your children. They watch us, they study us, their mannerism, their tolerance, their angst, it all comes from us, THEY Are mirroring us. 

Energize yourself with positive energy and feelings before wearing our products. To feel the transformation, the momentum and keeping the tradition taking care for the future, the environment, the heritage for living and sharing together working towards the world we want to leave to our kids.

Photo: Alexa & Amelia | Manantiales - Maldonado | UY


The brand creation and conceptualization is motivated by my grandparents Gloria Rossi and Tupinamba Olivera - Italian | Portuguese. My grandmother was a hand made knitting fan. She created and designed for the family, hats, sweaters, cardigans, and scarfs. The most precious tangible memories and legacy I keep from them is a cardigan she knitted to my grandfather. It has been with me for 27 years.


Sustainability. Another tangible memory legacy left by my grandfather was his Borsalino hat.  An eminence in quality, design and heritage. While I was living in Milan - Italy I gave him as a present a Borsalino hat as a in life goodbye. He pass away 2 months later. Borsalino

Father and Daughter
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The WOOLWILL DaDHood project was founded in Uruguay countryside close to the beach on an ethos of sustainability and minimalism in both aesthetic and production. The project also bring to their work an emphasis on social responsibility, focused on giving back to and supporting the local community.


Our commitment to traditional craftsmanship, original products and deep knowledge of materials’ history means that each garment piece from WOOLWILL is not only made to last, but to tell a story.


Combining locality, authenticity and social responsibility, The DaDHood project have emerged as one of the most exciting new garment designers and makers, creating beautiful pieces to last a lifetime.

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