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Woolwill a sustainable wool clothing brand we are building to last for the global modern father of today.

For those fathers who dream big. Those who make the most out of every day for the family and planet. It's not about age, but an approach to life. Never sacrifice style for sustainability. Feel good about getting dressed. Feels good.

If you only invest in a sweater once a year, please think of us next time!


PHOTO: Diego Weisz | Maldonado | UY

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Knitted sweater | with a semi high, ribbed neckline and classic fit, made from Uruguayan natural 100% merino wool will serve you well on just about any occasion and season. It's lightweight and biodegradable. Throw it over any casual outfit to smarten your look or, for a more relaxed vibe. Wear this and you'll stand out from the flock.

Image by Sam Carter

Mei Mei.

Nestle into this 100% merino hand made sweater to feel the nature. We used elevating ancient techniques from all corners of the Uruguay. This sweater is no exception, with the loose weave providing a silken soft finish and a tasteful touch for your life and heritage.